Juba do Leão are guaranteed to get a crowd dancing, and our unique powerhouse percussion and dance provides a high-energy performance which always leaves the crowd wanting more!

We are very flexible. Our indoor and outdoor performances include everything from community parades up to concert venue stage presentations and studio album recording projects.

Our work falls within several categories:

  • Community & Education: workshops, schools, academic, charity & fundraising, seminar
  • Outdoor: festivals, parades, sports, launches, garden parties
  • Indoor: concert, private functions, weddings, corporate, nightclub, theatre, recording/studio


We are always up for a new challenge, and it’s highly likely we can cater for your event to offer that extra something you are looking for.



Juba do Leão enjoy catering for every type of event, no matter how small; some of our favourite gigs have included modest community fun-days alongside huge stage performances.

In order of cost/technical requirements (highest first), here are some combinations to help get you started. Please contact us for a quote, as there are a number of variables which make up the cost of your booking.


The Lion’s Mane

45-60 minute stage show

Previous performances include: Welsh Encontro (Cardiff), HOME warming weekend, Handmade Parade 2015, Royal Northern College of Music (pilot version).

Juba do Leão’s new show is perfect for a stage setting or large audiences. It comprises percussion, melody, vocals, dancers, a Lion puppet, costume changes, and visual arts surprises. Big impact, massive beats, breathtaking costume changes, and more…

The full show requires:

– A stage for musicians, and a riser-style additional stage or dancefloor area for dancers (please contact us for dimensions)

– A changing area for dancers (side stage)

– PA system (we can assist with this)

– Lighting

This show is also adaptable for a parade or outdoor static performance (and the outdoor version also features 6-8 large silk flags).

Notice period required: 4-6 months (for availability of full cast)

Roaming/Static Shows

Parade and static performances

Between 8 and 18 percussionists, and up to 4 dancers.

Previous performances include: Manchester Pride, RHS Tatton Flower Show, Manchester Day Parade, Glasgow West End Festival, Solfest, and many more.

This set-up is ideal for any indoor or outdoor setting, requires no specialist equipment or PA/power, can move around a site and perform in both static and parade format, and works really well to gather a crowd. Performances can be tailored from 10 minutes up to 45 minutes, repeated throughout an event if required.

This format requires:

– An area to perform which does not encroach on another act’s ‘sound area’ or space. We’ll do the rest!

– An area to get changed, and some hints about local parking/unloading.

Weather disclaimer: though we will do our very best to carry on in poor weather, in the event of heavy rain we are unable to take our drums and costumes out until conditions improve enough to be considered reasonable!

This format can include 6-8 large silk flags (if enough notice is given to draft in additional performers).

Notice period required – 1 month or more (more notice will ensure more performers).

Add-on: vocals and/or melody instruments

Suitable for indoor and outdoor events where power is available. Adding vocal lines to our performance gives more of the real flavour of the melodies and traditions of the music we play. It also makes it easier to interact with the audience, and personalise a performance to a special guest or situation. Our melody set-up can include flute, guitar, bass, and violin.












Add-on: Cabasa Carnival Arts performers

For a small additional fee, we also perform regularly in collaboration with Cabasa Carnival Arts who bring with them a fantastic array of beautiful silk flower dress and backpack butterflies (this can total 20 additional Carnival dance performers, and is very impressive!). Click here.













‘Customise’ – the wild card

In some cases, your events may only have room for several performers (perhaps in a smaller venue such as a bar, a garden, or an event with noise restrictions). We are able to customise our material to suit most spaces, and can even include special requests at weddings. Contact us for a chat.


Performance Fee

The cost of booking the band depends on a number of factors:

  • Duration and number of performances
  • Performance combination option and number of performers
  • Location of event
  • Type of event: i.e. private, charity, community…


The best way of getting your booking underway is to get in touch with details or questions. We look forward to hearing from you!