The Lion’s Mane – Video Blog 3

Thinking of applying for funding? Before you approach your funder, think… What you can you do raise your own funds? How can you raise match-funding to cover some of the costs of your project? How can you demonstrate that you’re thinking about the sustainability of funding for your group/work/community?

Having spent a great deal of time costing up and budgeting ‘The Lion’s Mane’ project, we soon realised that we would be asking for a LOT from a funder to cover the whole cost of the project. JDL decided to host a fund-raiser workshop ‘Pernambucan Percussion’ on the 7th Feb which saw 70 percussionists join together to enjoy a day of Pernambucan music making. By charging an early-bird ticket price, this encouraged participants to sign up and secure their place early, which also allowed us the security of knowing how much match-funding we would be likely to raise BEFORE submitting our Arts Council England application. The only downfall was selling out as early bird tickets before they got chance to go to full price, but we can’t complain at that!

This idea could extend to any art form or activity really; a community dance workshop, a parents and toddlers craft workshop event, a bake sale, on office donation pot, being sponsored to play a gig in an unconventional way, selling homemade items, gaining some financial support from a local business or investor… you name it, it’ll work towards securing your project funding as you reduce the amount required by the funder.

Thanks to Gallery Oldham and the Arts Development Team for support with the workshop space. Thanks to Leon, Tom, and Angela for your advice during the funding application process, and those who helped to make this fund-raising work so successful in its’ promotion (thanks Dan!). And… thanks to everyone who came to the 70-piece workshop!